We Should Pause


What can Roots of Empathy teach the world? "We should pause to help us keep from hurting others."

Helping children develop self regulation in Roots of Empathy classes, like this child from a Grade one class in Kneehill, allows them to reflect and pause before responding. This prevents many potential bullying episodes. Roots of Empathy is a brake against bullying and other aggressions. This child is a changer.

I Got Bullied


A time I got bullied was when I got teased.

Tessah has drawn with aching clarity the pain of being bullied. She even remembers what she was wearing. Being able to describe how you feel psychologically reduces levels of cortisol – the stress hormone. Drawing this picture opened an opportunity for the Roots of Empathy Instructor to ask others what they might have done when Tessah was teased. Roots of Empathy children do not stand by when they see cruelty, they stand up. This concept has been captured in an upcoming feature length documentary film on genocide and empathy called Upstander, which will be narrated by Ben Affleck. Tessah is a changer.