I Felt Proud


I felt proud when I help my best friend.

Roots of Empathy helps children identify times when they have felt proud about being able to help others or doing something quietly without recognition that was challenging. Intrinsic pride, along with intrinsic motivation, are pillars of the Roots of Empathy program. When children develop a sense of their own worth, others have less power over their happiness. Trynity is a changer.

Feeling Left Out


When I was left out Alaine pat my shoulder.

In Lydia’s Roots of Empathy class there had been discussion about what it feels like to be left out. Her classmate Alaine noticed that Lydia was left out and responded with empathic action. She patted her shoulder. Lydia was so appreciative of this empathy touch that she drew a picture of it. This picture was a lesson to every child in the class that they may not be responsible for bad things happening but they can do something about it. Lydia is a changer.

Helping a Friend


A time when I helped my friend who was sad was when I was playing with my friends. My other friend asked if she could play but they said no. So I quit the game and went to play with her.

In the Roots of Empathy program, children are empowered to advocate for fairness and challenge injustice, such as bullying. Tabassum’s artwork shows how children who are bystanders and onlookers can bravely stand up for fairness and challenging cruelty and injustice. Tabassum is a changer.