Everyone is the Same in a Different Way


What can Roots of Empathy teach the world? "That evrywone is the same in a difrinte way." [sic]

Of the thousands of pieces of artwork Roots of Empathy receives from across 3 continents, this 7 year old child has distilled in child-like language a very sophisticated concept – that as individuals in the world we are unique but we share the commonality of having the same range of feelings. When the word different is used, it is usually to separate, but this child has used it in an inclusive way. In school children learn to read. In Roots of Empathy children learn to lead. Razia is a changer.

Feeling Left Out


When I was left out Alaine pat my shoulder.

In Lydia’s Roots of Empathy class there had been discussion about what it feels like to be left out. Her classmate Alaine noticed that Lydia was left out and responded with empathic action. She patted her shoulder. Lydia was so appreciative of this empathy touch that she drew a picture of it. This picture was a lesson to every child in the class that they may not be responsible for bad things happening but they can do something about it. Lydia is a changer.