We Should Pause


What can Roots of Empathy teach the world? "We should pause to help us keep from hurting others."

Helping children develop self regulation in Roots of Empathy classes, like this child from a Grade one class in Kneehill, allows them to reflect and pause before responding. This prevents many potential bullying episodes. Roots of Empathy is a brake against bullying and other aggressions. This child is a changer.

Everyone is the Same in a Different Way


What can Roots of Empathy teach the world? "That evrywone is the same in a difrinte way." [sic]

Of the thousands of pieces of artwork Roots of Empathy receives from across 3 continents, this 7 year old child has distilled in child-like language a very sophisticated concept – that as individuals in the world we are unique but we share the commonality of having the same range of feelings. When the word different is used, it is usually to separate, but this child has used it in an inclusive way. In school children learn to read. In Roots of Empathy children learn to lead. Razia is a changer.